Monday, August 24, 2009

TGL: Quick, Cost-effective Clipping Path and Image Solution for Online Retailer

Tradexcel Graphics Ltd (TGL) provides graphic solution for product image to online retailer from Bangladesh (located in Indian sub-continent). TGL delivers clipping path, background removing, drop shadow and some other photoshop services that are everyday necessities for online shops. Here finest quality meets the best affordable price within quickest turnaround time.

Our graphic services are compatible to international standards. Therefore, our clients find us the handiest counterpart as an outsourcing co-worker for their online retail product image rather than recruiting an in-house team for the same. We provide a bunch of related image solution services under same servable umbrella. 

Our main services include
# Clipping path: Cut object (product) from an image through its edge to pull it out as a separate image for other necessary usages.
# Background removing: Drop down the background of a clipped image (product). It is very important to present a product very distinctively.
# Drop shadow/natural drop shadow: Artificially created shadow that gives the image (product) a three dimensional look. It helps to put depth in an image and makes it vibrant.
# Image resizing/cropping: Convert image into a newer size or resolution to make it optimized for website. Cropping also helps to give up the unnecessary part of the image and makes it lighter for web.
# Straightening: Rotate or change perspective of an image so that it can get a straight, vivid look. It is very important for product photograph. Product should appear with a straight, attractive, pleading fa├žade as if it has been speaking up for itself.
# Dust removing/retouching: Sometimes it is essential to remove dust or other unnecessary objects from an image to highlight the product in it. A spotless, pristine image helps selling as well as Raster-Vektor Konvertierung .
# Renaming and Meta Tagging for Catalog: Photographs always named in a camera memory according to camera format. Everyday a large number of photos are being preserved in photographer’s or retailer’s archive. It is very difficult to find out an old photo from such store. Renaming and meta tagging are important for a user friendly online or offline archive or catalog.
100% Quality: Clients, looking for an affordable service from any outsourcing service provider, must appraise their quality on various parameters. Quality of a house largely depends on its expertise and experience. TGL has been working in this pitch since 2001. Our people work in a versatile team, consists of expert graphic designers and creative artists, for production and quality checking. We pick the best among the bests as our employee; we train up them as a world class workman. We offer all related services through a single channel that literally means a total solution to our client. We give guarantee for a 100% quality that never decreases even to 99.99%. Client can attempt a free trial available on our website.
Cheap? Free? Or Cost-effective?: Clients hunt for outsourcing to be benefited financially as these services are significantly cheap. We promote cost-effectiveness rather than being cheap. Since ‘cheap’ hardly has devotion to quality, never we are able to appoint any top-notch people as a cheap workman regarding his or her salary. So let’s be cost-effective. We deliver quality clipping path and other service as a best output for our client’s business. So, we get paid from them. We save their cost of maintaining another department for these. It is obvious that wages and other business costs in Indian sub-continent are many times lower than Europe and North America. Thus we are in an advantage of having competency for low cost quality services. Moreover, here we extend our client’s work hours virtually for the reason that when they close their work at night, we start our hours of daylight. Thus we keep our clients working round the clock. Obviously intense and extensive work schedule lead our clients to cost-effectiveness. And cost-effectiveness has a sustainable hands-on impact on revenue rather than being cheap. We think, almost all of us have some real-life experiences about the ‘hidden stuff’ inside free or cheap.
Generally we do clipping path or other image solution at 1$ to 15$ per image. But our prices are variable and negotiable depending on complexity and involvedness of the job.
Quick & On time: Usually we are able to give an over-night delivery of a bulk amount of job. We settle it according to our client’s requisition and our ability. As we have been serving for retailer websites or e-commerce sites that need on and on updates, we have a strong adherence to dead-line. We guarantee our clients will be tension-free about our timeliness.
We are open for 24/7 with a consistent high-productive production line. So,-
# We do not compromise with quality.
# And we do not make haste for quantity.
# But we do meet quick turnaround delivery.
Any Quantity, Easy Delivery, Convenient Mode of Payment: We are not worried about the quantity of work. It is convenient but not a must to order us a bulk of work. We have no favoritism to quantity. So, we receive even a few images as an order. In that case, after a certain amount of work, we will forward the bill to the client.
Besides, we would like to keep a long term and regular business relationship with our clients. Because, end of the day, this is the first and foremost thing that contributes to our revenue significantly. We accept any mode of payment; any card, any online service that our client suggests. TGL receives and delivers jobs online with the help of a high-speed internet connection, powerful server and FTP. Our own ISP and consistent power backup make us stable and frequent too.
How to Start with TGL: Visitor can easily come into our cordial touch through any means. We are available in all online channels 24 hours. Hence no time is odd time to us. We request clients to feel free for any enquiry and further clarification. Round the clock, our professional customer service wing is waiting to entertain our visitors with proper information. We are available in following contacts,-
Customer Service
Skype: tradexcel.cs
GTalk: tradexcel.cs

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