Friday, November 6, 2009

Five Fantastic Photoshop Ways to Drop out Background

Removal of background helps you to excavate an object from an image and use it freely wherever you want. In image editing jobs, background removing is a very important skill. Photoshop gives the way to the designer with several means to do such jobs in a highest level of perfection.

1. Clipping Path with Pen Tool

It is a full manual or hand drawn way to remove the background. It deals with hard edge image. Drawing of a vector path through the outline with every detail and making it a selection – is the way of clipping path. When you dig out the selection from its background it will be an independent image to place in a newer place. This is the best technique for professional image.   

2. The Background Eraser

It is an easy technique to handle an image with a solid and contrastive background color. Pick the color to be erased and brush it over and over where the color exists. This tool alone may not work for all images. But it is handy as a supporting tool for certain complexity.

3. The Magic Eraser

It is really a magic for background removing job. It works on same background color that contrasts with the object. But it is not functional for multi-colored backgrounds. It is very quick to select but sometimes select imperfectly.  It is a supporting fotoretusche tool rather than an individual tool for background removal.

4. The Extract Filter

This technique is very useful for solid and contrastive backgrounds. It deals with color circle radiance or hollow problem. It is also a dependent technique and need retouch before final output. It also helps other tool in finishing touch up.

5. The Mask

A very professional technique to do job quickly with perfect control over edge-pixels. It is versatile to handle all kind of backgrounds. But it is little harder to grasp this technique than other tool. The very important feature of masking is that, it never erases any pixel; it only musk them hiding. So, any recovery is possible here. Masking is very useful for those tough backgrounds with transparent or translucent object. It produces the best real effect for such image. To know more please visit: